A data-driven storytelling magazine and production studio.

Buried Signals is a data-driven storytelling magazine and production studio, run by Tom Vaillant.

The Magazine

The magazine publishes independent visual investigations and curates inspiration, insights and resources for data-driven storytelling. Featuring projects that humanize complex stories by combining media, data, design and technology, it also aims to track virality and read time to limit assumptions and identify patterns for the meaningful use of interaction and visualization.

I interview experts and synthesise academic research to distill best practices that promote effective information communication. These learnings are consolidated into the newsletter to help independent journalists create captivating visual investigations that inform broad audiences.

All of the projects featured on Buried Signals are archived with WebRecorder, creating a permanent library for innovation in visual storytelling on the web.

The Studio

The studio specializes in data storytelling and knowledge visualization. I help organisations solve complex communication problems by transforming their research or data into impactful visual content.

This is done by combining elements of journalism, design and creative technology to turn complex data and information into simple, beautiful and memorable communications for broad audiences.

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My name's Tom.

I've been producing documentaries and interactive experiences for the past decade, relying on creative skills from a filmmaking background and forays into web development.

Past gigs have found me leading teams on award-winning productions for Red Bull, North Kingdom and Immersive Garden. I also founded non-profit sports academies.

More recently I've focused all of my energy into data storytelling, graduating from the information design and data visualization certificate at the Parsons School of Design.

On days off I read fantasy or goof around in the mountains with my dog.